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I owe gratitude to the doctor and nurses who helped me fight cancer

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and say “Thank you” to all the doctors and nursing staff and who helped me finish my treatment while I was a patient in the Chemotherapy daycare center at FORTIS Hospital at Mulund.
I finished my last chemotherapy cycle and I am feeling much better than my pre-chemotherapy days. Trust I and I owe the gratitude to the below-mentioned doctors and nursing staff who made me believe that this is easy to rule our Mr. CA (Cancer) from your life.

First, I would like to thank Dr. Arun Behl and Dr. Boman Dhabar who were motivational and the kindness you showed and resolved all my breast cancer queries. Thanks for being so patient with me.Dr. Arun Behl, you have a special gift as a surgeon and as a person. You approach surgery like an artist approaches a painting. Thanks for being a great surgeon and a great human being.  You are lively and have a great sense of humor. You helped me to rule out the fear. Many thanks for your skills and kindness through this bump in the road.Dr. Boman Dhabar, thank you so much for the difference you make in the lives of your patients. Your kindness, sincere caring, and concern make everything better and are a great encouragement. I must have asked you so many questions regarding the treatment, but you were patient enough to listen and answer my questions. You are a truly remarkable doctor and professional that we respect and trust and we really enjoy your personality.


Prakash Nair

We experienced the highest standard of professional medical care coupled with compassionate service and dedication.

My mother Smt.. Nagalakshmi Nair suffering from an advanced stage of Breast Cancer aged 78 years, was admitted in a critical stage at Fortis Hospital Mulund, in the  ICCU. During her stay, we as a family experienced the highest standard of professional medical care coupled with compassionate service and dedication. The service provided by the ICCU team led by Dr. Rahul  Pandit and Dr. Keki, was exemplary, round the clock. The nursing care provided was professional, compassionate and caring.  

We want to thank Dr. Prasad Padwal for his dedication and passion towards patient care. He could also establish excellent interpersonal communication and rapport with our mother.  
We would like to make special mention of nurse Buella who endeared us with her loving and compassionate nature. She went beyond the call of duty, and attended our mother whenever she was in distress and nurses were temporarily not available at their nursing stations. Her confident response and quick reaction time is highly commendable. 
We would like to thank Shyam from security as he maintained discipline among the throng of visitors by using a very caring and friendly approach with a spiritual touch. 
Hope Fortis Hospital Mulund continues its search of excellence in their field.


Rupali Ganesh Agawane

All the sisters gave comfort, care, and strength to us in our most vulnerable time.

I want to appreciate the Entire Onco Sisters Department for their Extraordinary care and Support.
I can’t tell how much all Onco sisters made a difference in our life. All the sisters gave comfort, care, and strength to us in our most vulnerable time.

Thank you for being on the front lines of care. Thank you for your kindness, dedication and healing touch. Thank you for always putting us on your priority no matter how grueling your day was.
We thank you for providing us an empathetic care and compassionate hand when a life-changing diagnosis was delivered. 
Shubhangi Sister my guardian angel. From my diagnosis to my last day at the hospital she was the one who was making sure that everything is going to be fine with me, I still remember she was at my bedside when my bone marrow extraction was done. She always gave me positive grooming which helped me a lot to fight with this disease and stand strong throughout all my chemo cycles.
Aasha Sister is another feather in the Onco department cap and playing a key role in handling all the patients and their queries. She has groomed all the sisters and created a cool aura in the Onco department. Thanks a lot, sister for all your support and care. Kudos to all your effort.
Thanks a lot, Amalu, Joshmy, Sinchu, Aruna, Catherine, Tintu, Navya, Priya and Jincy sisters. You girls are truly gems.
The compassion with which you all have nursed me is commendable. I will never ever forget your kind support and care.


Dr Annette Fernandes

I will always cherish the experience of my stay at the hospital- totally professional and proficient

Over the years, my family has been coming to Fortis hospital, for an OPD, investigation and admission needs. The doctors are excellent to name a few- Dr.Arun Behl, Dr.Sachin Bhosale, Dr. Mahajan and more recently Dr. Harin Vyas.
Cut to the present, after due diligence zeroed in and Dr.Atul Ganatra, a Gynecologist par excellence and very ethical. Despite his busy schedule he and his whole team took time to ensure all my queries, give me choices and date of operation fixed, the admission process started. I was in for a pleasant surprise. I was amazed at how quickly and smoothly everything moved. 

Your system/process/ procedure in all departments, starting with OPD, Facilities, hospitalization, and discharge were being followed by professionally and officially by all teams.
Teamwork was evident at all levels including Nursing, OT, Housekeeping catering and that too of a very high order. These were engaged employees. They also brought forth the human touch-empathy, compassion and caring.

I came to Fortis hospital for healing and I healed. Yes, I will always cherish the experience of my stay at the hospital- totally professional and proficient, yet laced with empathy, caring, compassion. A winning combination. My husband and I thank you all and wish to compliment the management and all concerned at their patient-centric work ethics. I wish everybody of all levels well in sustaining this high level of service to the sick, suffering.


Mrs. Rajesh J

I could have a hearty talk for the ailment without any inhibitions.

At the outset, I express my thanks for the overall experience.
It is said that a doctor should attend to a patient so that half of the problem seems to have gone away immediately from the consultation table. Mrs. Sonal Kumta, the Doctor, attended in such a manner. She was, rather is, cool and understanding person where I could feel that a hearty talk for the ailment can be done without any inhibitions. However, I don’t talk much and whatever she told was satisfactory to me. She is truly caring, concerned, adjusting as well as responsive in a proper perspective. She deserves appreciation/promotion / up-gradation as per practices.

Accompanied with gratitude, I wish the very best all through life to her.
The Physiotherapist Doctors Ms.Neha Tiwari and Ms. Neha Shivpunje were extremely good in their sessions.  The nurses especially to mention, Ms. Manisha, Ms. Anit/Anet, Ms. Shana, Ms. Rincy and Ms. Avni were very great at service in the order mentioned herein. They were very cooperative, kind, attentive just like real sisters. They surely deserve, a pat on their backs/appreciation letters/rewards/promotions as per your practices to keep their morals high.

Ms. Simi is strategic, dynamic as well as good talker, helping the patients/accomplice, as also working in the interest of the Centre. In this short meet, it was noticed that the help is at hand without running here or there. 


Vivek Sanghvi

Thank you for giving me whatever I requested for within the ambit of the hospital norms

I want to begin by thanking each and every person in emergency who were prompt and quick..Kudos to Dr Ravi,Dr Bhagyashree and all the brothers and sisters there.U rock guys. As far as my journey from admission to discharge; everything went on smoothly.. My Doctors Dr Nimish, Dr Tehseen and Dr Hardik were pin point precise and magnanimous To all the staff of housekeeping (Ashok Datta Visram Jyoti Chhoti tai)i salute you for giving me whatever I requested for within the ambit of the hospital norms...Thank you .. my love to reshma bipina jincy anit and the whole team and for sure my sister Suvarna didi (surely Fortis should be indebted to you didi) whom I know since 10 years now.T hank you soooo muchh... And Neha ..My friend. Special vote of thanks to you too. For patiently listening to and troubleshooting small glitches with prompt and ease... Also my regards to the food department my dietician and the whole security staff who ensure to keep us safe and undisturbed...Salute guys..


Anil Kumar Pandey

Me and my family are very pleased with Hospital’s Doctors, the nursing staff and the overall cleanliness of the Hospital.

I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis from past 8-9 months. Dr.Bhatia of P.G.I hospital, U.P advised me to undergo the procedure of liver transplant. As U.P does not have the facility for liver transplant, I had been advised for live liver transplant from other states. I visited many surgeons from Delhi, Ahmedabad and various other states, but to no avail. Disappointed with the lack of options, I finally visited Mumbai and started to meet the surgeons here. During my time here, I happened to meet Dr.Gaurav Gupta who understood my problem and presented his thoughts on the matter. Within a couple of meetings, Dr.Gaurav explained the pros and cons of the procedure. I met Dr.Gupta again on 5Th January’2019 where he made me meet his team and had me admitted in the hospital. I was pleased to meet his surgical team and they lifted my spirit while monitoring me from time to time. I was operated on 10th January and regained my consciousness in the ICU. While in the ICU, Dr.Gupta and Dr.Swapnil comforted me and said that I was stable and recovering. From time and again, Dr.Vaity, Dietician Rasika, Physiotherapists Dr.Neha & Dr.Pooja and Anesthesia specialist Dr. Vijay Shetty and Dr.Vaishali with the ICU Nursing staff- Kajal, Jonci, Prajakta, Vijju, Sinita, Salma and Tinshi took utmost care of me. Due to their continued hard work and efforts I recovered my health and I am writing this letter on 17th January 2019 at the time of my discharge. Me and my family are very pleased with Hospital’s Doctors, the nursing staff and the overall cleanliness of the Hospital.


Nivia Edappattu

Thank you for listening & answering all our questions in a best satisfactory & practical way

This is my second delivery at Fortis Hospital Mulund. I am very much glad that I made this decision to trust Fortis once again even after 3 years. Once again, I had an amazing experience of trust and support and care from each and every one on the maternity floor with quick and effective turnaround time A special note of thanks to the experienced team of Doctors, Nurses, Housekeeping staffs, Physiotherapist, Lactation consultant Dr Suchita, Dietician for working all round the clock so that I and my baby gets a very good care. I would like to mention few names with me throughout these 3 days taking care of me and really indebted for their support and care – Dr Girish Sabnis, Dr Sidra, Dr Devashree, Dr Rajen Doshi, Sister Elsie, Sister Adira, Sister Sakshi, Sister Aggy, Sister AnnMary, Sister Rini and Manisha from Houskepping ( who supported me during and after delivery) Also thanks to PRO Mrs Wincy for following up my experience on daily basis and working on the same. I would definitely like to recommend Fortis Hospital and the above-mentioned staff to my near and dear ones. GLAD TO SAY!!! That in this world of C-sections I had two Normal deliveries with Fortis Mulund.


Anand Nair

We are deeply grateful to the extremely talented group of Doctors- extremely methodical in their approach.

I would like to share our experience during the recent admission for my wife, Bhavna Nair. She had to be admitted for her Heat & Lung transplant, which was a major procedure. This is the only institute carrying out the procedure in the Western part of India. We were extremely fortunate that there was no gap between our 1st phase (Initial investigation & the Transplant surgery). We were extremely fortunate that the matching Donor was available within our Hospital on the day of our scheduled discharge post the said 1st phase.

The total duration of our stay was around 45 days. We had overstayed, as my wife was extremely weak prior to the Surgery & thus needed an additional 10/ 12 days before the Doctors could allow us to return. We are deeply grateful to the extremely talented group of Doctors. We have found them to be extremely methodical in their approach. There is a wonderful system in place, which ensures that the requirements of the patients are fully taken care of. The support Team of Nurses/ different medical investigation teams/ Floor Managers are extremely efficient and supportive. We hope that many more who are suffering from the serious ailments, avails the advantage of the great care and the wonderful ecosystem at Fortis.


Ajit Deshpande

Very nice and cooperative staff who are always ready to help

Our good experience started with casualty itself , CMO on duty was very cooperative and immediately asked RMO under Dr Boman to see the patient. Dr Kirti and Dr Vrushali immediately came and examined the patient and talked to Dr Boman. Next day we got him admitted in 503 for chemotherapy. Dr Boman he is humble , Assured and confident to the patient, His team doctors Dr Meena, Dr Kirti, Dr Vrushali and Dr Shraddha are all very nice and cooperative and all are ever ready to help then the same good experience we had in ward also , Here the nursing staff is very good , efficient,All the sisters who attended my husband, Siji,Anuja, Reshma, all are always smiling very efficient, very skilled and good cooperation among all the nurses on 5th floor. I cannot forget the service given by Housekeeping especially Mr Ashok all the time willing to do any service with very cool smile. In total we had very good experience at Fortis


Lelis F Dsouza

I had a comfortable stay and a feeling of home.

Thank you for engaging such a wonderful staff who made my stay comfortable n a feeling of home. Very dedicated team always service with a smile. would like to express my thanks n appreciation for the wonderful treatment n care meted me during my stay. My heartful thanks to Lisha Mohanty who made the admission n all other formalities smooth n easy for me. Ensured my comfort and assisted me in every which way possible. It was due to her my stay was void of worry n hassle-free. Oncology Staff Sr. Shubhangi, Sr Asha n all others for all the help n special attention to proper n safe procedure n especially patience in answering all our questions. Their positive attitude n assurance has been comforting n relief to my mind thus minimizing all my discomforts. Left hospital with positive thoughts n feelings


Varsha Bhattacharya

Reassuring to know that there was someone looking out for us in time of our difficulty.

I am the daughter and attending relative of the patient Mr Bhattacharya. Our family physician had advised to have his surgery by the eminent surgeon Dr. Mohan Koppikar and this is how we came to Fortis hospital Mulund. Needless to say that Dr Koppikar and his team including Dr. Apoorva were excellent and the surgery went on as planned. We were made to feel very welcome and comfortable during our stay at the hospital by the floor manager Mr. Omkar Gaikwad who assured us that he was available any time in case of any difficulties. It was reassuring to know that there was someone looking out for us in time of our difficulty. Mr. Omkar would spend some time inquiring about our comfort daily even though he has a very tight schedule and we looked forward to these interactions. I hope to express my appreciation and gratitude to these wonderful people and hope that the management of the hospital will pass on our positive feedback as an encouragement to them in their challenging duties. Thank you.


Relative of Suresh Christa

The knowledge to do the right thing with utmost precision with a person's pumping heart, all this is just overwhelming.

My friend was admitted to Fortis Kalyan after a massive heart attack. The doctors at the casualty within no time worked with clockwise precision, gave him cardioversion (electric shocks on the chest) to revive him. He revived and within no time the cardiac surgeon who was called left his festive celebrations at home and immediately arrived at the hospital. My friend was put on the ventilator since his pulse was very low and almost nil bp. The cardiac surgeons worked on him, took our consent and carried out all medical procedures needed for him with full dedication, commitment and professionalism late in the night after which he was moved to the ICU. The doctors informed us honestly that despite all their efforts and expertise, he has only 50% chance of survival. My friend had a miraculous full recovery since then and today he is back home. Such dedication to save a person's life, the expertise to use medical equipment, the knowledge to do the right thing with utmost precision with a person's pumping heart, all this is just overwhelming.


Mangal Borkar

The detail history, physical exam that the doctor conducted, is an art that is becoming less common nowadays.

My husband underwent Holep prostatectomy at the hands of the eminent urosurgeon, (who must be one of the best in India, ) Dr Pankaj Maheshwari. The procedure was most skilfully performed, the counselling and patience of Dr Maheshwari is indeed commendable. Dr Vivek Jadhav also made us comfortable at admission and discussed the procedure at length. Dr Maheshwari visited the patient 3-4 times a day, which was very reassuring. The detail history, physical exam that he conducted, was also an art that is becoming less common nowadays. The nursing staff and housekeeping staff were very prompt, polite and have expertise. Dieticians visited regularly too. The anaesthetists were also expert. Administrative staff also does a very good job. We were admitted on Wednesday and are discharged on the 4th day, today! A very pleasant surprise! The ambience is 5 star- we also appreciate the strict security service. All in all - we had a very happy and fruitful experience In Fortis, especially since the case was a little complicated.