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You can book a tele/video consultation online, by selecting a convenient time and, the preferred doctor here


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You can book a tele/video consultation online, by selecting a convenient time and, the preferred doctor here


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You can book a tele/video consultation online, by selecting a convenient time and, the preferred doctor here


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Tele / Video Consultation at Fortis Hospitals Mumbai

At Fortis Hospitals Mumbai, we offer professional and specialised remote healthcare services for patients, who have no or limited access to the medical centres, through our tele/video consultations by connecting the patients and doctors virtually from our digital care hub. With this facility of ours, we serve the communities even in rural, remote, and regional areas and enhance their accessibility to medical consultations, follow-ups, prescription refills or renewals, rehabilitative services, health advice, etc.

Benefits of Tele / Video Consultation

  • Quick and easy consultation from the comfort of the home
  • Improved access to specialists
  • Location-independent and convenient consults
  • Increased privacy and security
  • Less time away from work/family
  • Prompt medical attention
  • No in-clinic waiting time
  • No transportation time or cost
  • No risk of getting exposed to communicable infections
  • No exposure to other potentially contagious patients




The video consultation mode was very helpful and seamless experience. I am very happy that I managed to consult with my preferred doctor at the comfort of my home. Great service and support during such difficult times. Thank you doctor and Fortis team.

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Book Tele / Video Doctor Consultation Online - At Fortis Hospitals Mumbai

Distance, travel time and sometimes even crises like communicable disease spread can build barriers between patients and health care providers, and limit the patient’s access to healthcare centres. Fortunately, the birth of tele/video consultation has shown to overcome these barriers and improve the patients’ access to quality health care.

What is Tele/video consultation?

When patients have a virtual way to connect with their doctors and seek medical advice via a video call or telephonic call, without physically visiting the doctor’s facility, it is Tele/video consultation. In simple terms, it is the remote delivery of healthcare services through electronic communications.

What are its advantages?

Tele/video consultation provides a host of benefits, some of which are:

Improved access to health care

Perhaps it is the most salient benefit that a Tele/video consultation offers. More often than not, factors like geographical barriers, long travelling hours, extreme weather, uncertain transportation, childcare, time off work, elderliness and physical disabilities impede many patients from accessing the healthcare facilities. Now, with the increased adoption of tele/video consultation, patients can address their healthcare issues quickly at any time and from any place by communicating with specialists through virtual channels, without physically visiting the hospital.

Increased comfort and convenience

Risks of running into traffic jams, looking for a parking slot, experiencing in-clinic waiting time, late getting back to work, etc. can increase the stress on the already stressed patients and their families. With tele/video consultation people can avoid these risks by simply scheduling their appointment during their break times, or before or after work, and make their healthcare access convenient and comfortable.

Less chance of catching a new illness

During hospital visits, the crowded waiting rooms can increase the patients’ risk of exposure to other potentially contagious patients and communicable infections. This concern about catching new illnesses may drive many ailing people and immunosuppressed patients away from hospitals, leading to further worsening of their health. However, by opting for tele/video consultations, people can get the care they need while avoiding the risk of such contagious exposures and also the chances of them passing on their illness to others.

Extended Specialist Access

Even today, in some rural geographical locations, specialists and experts shortages exist. This obstructs the patients, with serious health issues looking for lifesaving consultations, and chronic care plans, from accessing the doctors who are the best and not the closest. Tele/video consultation makes it possible for such patients with serious and long-term health issues to have better access to the care of specialists and experts who are not nearby or who are not available to them in their city.

Time-saving and cost-saving

Traveling from home or work to the healthcare facility undeniably requires two major investments: Time and Money. With tele/video consultation, patients can avoid this time wastage and cost implications associated with the travel. No spending on transportation allows patients and their families to save money on fuel, parking and also a few secondary expenses like childcare. An added advantage is spending less time in the hospital reduces the patients’ overall healthcare spending as well.

Being one of the pioneers of tele/video consultation, Fortis hospitals Mumbai specialise in remote healthcare services and offers virtual care for patients who experience the most pressing challenges like no or limited access to medical centres due to geographical barriers, uncertain transportation, disease spread, etc. With this service, we extend our care directly to the doorstep of the patients through various internet-based digital platforms like email, chat, video, etc. and improve the patients’ accessibility of quality healthcare.