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Hepatology & Liver Transplant Hospital in Mumbai

Hepatology  & Liver Transplant


Anil Kumar Pandey

I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis from past 8-9 months. Dr.Bhatia of P.G.I hospital, U.P advised me to undergo the procedure of liver transplant. As U.P does not have the facility for liver transplant, I had been advised for live liver transplant from other states. I visited many surgeons from Delhi, Ahmedabad and various other states, but to no avail. Disappointed with the lack of options, I finally visited Mumbai and started to meet the surgeons here. During my time here, I happened to meet Dr.Gaurav Gupta who understood my problem and presented his thoughts on the matter. Within a couple of meetings, Dr.Gaurav explained the pros and cons of the procedure. I met Dr.Gupta again on 5Th January’2019 where he made me meet his team and had me admitted in the hospital. I was pleased to meet his surgical team and they lifted my spirit while monitoring me from time to time. I was operated on 10th January and regained my consciousness in the ICU. While in the ICU, Dr.Gupta and Dr.Swapnil comforted me and said that I was stable and recovering. From time and again, Dr.Vaity, Dietician Rasika, Physiotherapists Dr.Neha & Dr.Pooja and Anesthesia specialist Dr. Vijay Shetty and Dr.Vaishali with the ICU Nursing staff- Kajal, Jonci, Prajakta, Vijju, Sinita, Salma and Tinshi took utmost care of me. Due to their continued hard work and efforts I recovered my health and I am writing this letter on 17th January 2019 at the time of my discharge. Me and my family are very pleased with Hospital’s Doctors, the nursing staff and the overall cleanliness of the Hospital.

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