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Lung Cancer Hospital in Mumbai, India

Lung Cancer


Is Fortis Hospital Mumbai a well-equipped lung cancer hospital for complex cases?

Fortis Hospital Mulund has cutting-edge technology and superior prowess in its experts from different specializations to brainstorm and administer effective treatment solutions to achieve the highest possible cure rates. Fortis Hospital Mulund has one of the best lung cancer programs designed by eminent pulmonologists, and advanced diagnostic, imaging and surgical equipment for a high degree of successful outcomes.

Who is the best doctor to operate on lung cancer at Fortis hospital Mulund, Mumbai?

Dr Anil Heroor, Head, Surgical Oncology at Fortis Hospital Mulund is a foremost oncosurgeon with over 20 years of experienced expertise in all cancer surgeries especially lung cancer. He is exceptionally skilled in minimal invasive lung cancer surgeries, performing the advanced Thoracoscopy to remove lung tumours as well as partial or complete lung with expertise and care.

How much does it cost lung cancer surgery in Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai?

At Fortis Hospital Mulund, depending on the complex nature of the cancer and the state it is in, an average lung cancer surgery at the hands of expert pulmonary onco-surgeons costs between Rs 4 -7 lakhs.

How urgent is lung cancer surgery? Should you wait for a second opinion?

Lung cancer surgery is prescribed depending on the type of cancer, the stage it is in and how much it has spread. At Fortis Hospital Mulund, our expert pulmonologists and pulmonary oncologists can precisely diagnose your condition and prescribe the most effective mode of treatment which can include surgery or immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or targeted therapy. With our team of pulmonary specialists, you will not need a second opinion.

Why is timely diagnosis of lung cancer important?

In many cases, lung cancer is detected late, which leads to fatal outcomes. When lung cancer is seen in the first stage, almost 90 percent of the patients survive the condition, while only ten percent of those patients in whom the disease is detected at a later stage survive. This statistic reemphasizes the need for awareness and timely diagnosis of the condition so that it does not prove fatal. To diagnose lung cancer, a chest computed tomography or CT scan is conducted on patients who show symptoms of the disease. 

Why Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai is the best cancer hospital in India?

Fortis Hospital Mulund is the finest hospital for you in cancer treatment with excellent cancer specialists who will give you individualized and latest treatment with compassionate care, all in the same place. When it comes to the treatment of lung cancer, Fortis Hospital Mulund has a team of top pulmonologists and pulmonary onco specialists with deep insights and experience about the different types of lung cancers and their comprehensive effective therapies.

What is the treatment available for lung Cancer at Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai?

Lung cancer is of 2 types – small cell and non-small cell. Depending on the type of lung cancer, expert pulmonary oncologists at Fortis Hospital Mulund prescribe individualized therapies which include surgery if the cancer is confined to the lungs, chemotherapy or radiation therapy before surgery to shrink the tumours if the cancer is spread to a larger part of the lungs and post surgery to prevent it from coming back, stereostatic body radiotherapy, targeted drug therapy , photo-dynamic therapy, and immunotherapy.

Reasons why Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai is the best technically advanced lung cancer hospital for complex cases?

Fortis Hospital Mulund has the best in advanced medical technology and operational excellence on par with international standards when it comes to treating complex lung cancers. The multispeciality giant is equipped with the latest in Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) - a minimally invasive technology to perform surgeries as well as lung biopsies for diagnosis, Robotic-assisted thoracic surgery, Segmentectomy, Wedge resection, Lobectomy – the removal of a lobe of the lung, and Pneumonectomy – the total removal of the lungs. Taking the lead in performing these complex procedures is a team of renowned pulmonary specialists who have prolific experience in successful results with an individualized patient-first approach.

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