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Oncology Hospital in Mumbai

Cancer Care Hospital in Mumbai | Cancer Care and Treatments at Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai


Lelis F Dsouza

Thank you for engaging such a wonderful staff who made my stay comfortable n a feeling of home. Very dedicated team always service with a smile. would like to express my thanks n appreciation for the wonderful treatment n care meted me during my stay. My heartful thanks to Lisha Mohanty who made the admission n all other formalities smooth n easy for me. Ensured my comfort and assisted me in every which way possible. It was due to her my stay was void of worry n hassle-free. Oncology Staff Sr. Shubhangi, Sr Asha n all others for all the help n special attention to proper n safe procedure n especially patience in answering all our questions. Their positive attitude n assurance has been comforting n relief to my mind thus minimizing all my discomforts. Left hospital with positive thoughts n feelings


Why Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai is the best hospital for an appointment for cancer care/treatment in Mumbai?

Fortis Hospital Mulund makes it convenient to secure an appointment with our cancer care specialists,  comfortably and smoothly.  Book an appointment on our website, or call our 24x7 cancer helpline number 022 4365 4365 - our front office teams work round the clock to help you choose the best of our oncologists in the quickest time. 

Why Fortis hospital Mulund, Mumbai is the best hospital for cancer treatment in Mumbai and who are the best cancer specialists (oncologist) in Mumbai associated with them?

Fortis Hospital Mulund is the finest hospital in cancer treatment with excellent cancer specialists who will give you individualized and comprehensive treatment with compassionate care, all in the same place. We are equipped with sophisticated cancer treatment technology to assist the cancer specialists. Fortis Hospital Mulund has top cancer specialists in Dr Boman Nariman Dhabhar, a celebrated medical and hemat oncologist with over 45 years of exceptional expertise in handling the most challenging of cancers, Dr Uma Dangi, medical oncologist, Dr Rupal Chheda, radiation oncologist and Dr Pushkar Ingle, radiation oncologist, all with years of skilled experience in the modern treatment of cancers of all types.

What are the treatment methods available at Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai for cancer conditions?

Equipped with the latest in medical and surgical technology Fortis Hospital Mulund offers total cancer treatment solutions through 

Chemotherapy: specific medicines are administered to kill cancer cells

  • Immunotherapy: encourages your body’s immune system to identify and fight the cancer cells 
  • Radiation therapy: High powered energy beams like X rays are directed at the cancer areas to destroy the cancer cells from externally, or internally through brachytherapy involving placing tiny radioactive implants in the affected organs
  • Targeted therapy: medications precisely identify certain type of cancer cells to eliminate them. 
  • Hormone therapy: eliminates the cancer-causing hormones from the body or stops them from growing
  • Cryobalation: alternately freezes and thaws cancer cells to kill them
  • Radiofrequency ablation: Uses electrical energy to destroy the cancer cells with extreme heat
  • Surgery: Removes the cancerous tissue totally to stop its spread
  • Stem Cell / Bone Marrow Transplants: Bone marrow or the stem cells are extracted from you or a matching donor, to help replace any of your damaged cells during chemotherapy

How is Cancer diagnosed and treated at Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai?

At Fortis Hospital Mulund our excellent oncologists have the best approaches in diagnosing cancer through:

  • Physical examination
  • Imaging tests with advanced ultrasound, X ray, CT, M RI, PET and bone scans
  • Genetic testing through Precision Medicine and Biomarker Testing methods
  • Biopsy: a sample of a few cells of a specific organ in your body where cancer is suspected, are taken for examination

Fortis Hospital Mulund is the top cancer care institution offering the entire range of treatment and care through:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Cryoblation
  • Surgery
  • Stem Cell / Bone Marrow Transplants 

What is Chemotherapy used for and how does it help against cancer?

Chemotherapy is the use of one or a combination of medications to: target and kill the cancer cells in your body, shrink a tumour before radiation therapy or surgery, destroy any remaining cancer cells after surgery or radiation therapy, destroy cancer cells that return or spread to other organs, assist other therapies (biological or radiation) to make them more effective. This is done through injections, intravenously (IV) or orally in pills or capsules form. 

What different does Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai offer to be the best cancer hospital in Mumbai?

Fortis Hospital Mulund emphasises on premium quality treatment, and superior care with an exceptionally high rate of successful results, making it the best cancer hospital in the city. Patients get individualised treatment protocols from our highly skilled multidisciplinary team of oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncosurgeons and cancer care givers, with decades of hands-on experience in treating the most complicated cancers of all kinds. We have the most technically-advanced cancer diagnostic and imaging equipment along with sophisticated operating rooms and cutting-edge treatment therapies. What makes us unique is the consistent research that our dedicated oncologists undertake to enhance and improve cancer treatment and cure.

Which is the best treatment option to cure cancer without operation/surgeries?

Not all cancers require surgery. At Fortis Hospital Mulund, our oncologists prescribe immunotherapy as the frontline treatment for cancers of certain types. Through immunotherapy, medications are introduced into your body to gear up your own immune system to fight the cancer cells. The medications are administered through the intravenous (IV) route and have minimal side effects. This therapy is highly effective in treating different types of cancers including the advanced and hard to treat ones. 

What are the warning signs/symptoms/conditions of having cancer?

Though every case is different, the common warning signs of cancer are:

  • Unexplained and sudden weight loss
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge
  • Sores or skin ulcers that do not heal
  • Nagging cough or hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing
  • Obvious change in size of a mole, wart or freckle or sudden change in skin colour
  • Changes in bladder and bowel routine, like constipation or diarrhoea
  • Unexplained indigestion
  • Sudden appearance of lumps in the breast, in the armpits, etc.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Recurrent fever
  • Blood in urine or stool
  • Loss of appetite
  • New, persistent pain
  • Fatigue
  • Night sweats

How cancer care must be taken before and after cancer treatment from Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai?

At Fortis Hospital Mulund our skilled oncologists advise you to follow these good habits before your treatment:

  • Eat healthy and nutritious food. 
  • Exercise moderately. Meditation, yoga and walking are recommended.
  • Be mentally prepared and strong. 
  • Have a dental check up to treat any oral infections..
  • Get plenty of sleep. 
  • After-treatment care is especially important because you are still in the recovery stage. You cannot let your guard down for at least five years to be certified completely cured. 
  • Regular physical examinations, medical tests and imaging tests according to an individualized plan drawn up by your oncologist
  • Watch for any short term or long term side effects from the therapies. 
  • Maintain a strict diet plan. Smoking and drinking alcohol are a strict no-no.
  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet. Drink lots of water. Keep a healthy weight. Exercise regularly and in moderation as recommended by your oncologist. And get a lot of rest.

Who are the best cancer specialists (oncologist) in Mulund, Mumbai or nearby for an appointment?

If you live in Mulund or nearby, excellent oncologists nearer to you are at Fortis Hosptial Mulund, the best multispeciality healthcare giant in holistic cancer care. We have top oncologists Dr Boman Dhabhar and Dr Uma Dangi and a brilliant team of radiation oncologists in Dr Pushkar Ingle and Dr Rupal Chheda.

Is Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai a well-equipped breast cancer hospital for complex cases?

Fortis Hospital Mulund has a multidisciplinary team of exceptionally experienced oncologists, onco surgeons, and radiation specialists, supported by the most modern equipment to treat breast cancers of all types. This team of specialists is highly qualified and has the proficiency to diagnose and offer the best solutions for the most challenging of breast cancer conditions. Fortis Hospital Mulund has advanced CT Scan, MRI, Mammography, PET Scan, Linear Accelerators or Cobalt Machines for effective Radiation Therapy, and the latest in Robotic surgery, along with top of the line screening labs, and operation theaters for safe and successful procedures.

Who is the best doctor to operate on breast cancer at Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai?

Dr Anil Heroor, a senior onco surgeon and Head of Surgical Oncology at Fortis Hospital Mulund is one of the top cancer surgeons in the city with more than 20 years experience in performing over 10,000 successful cancer surgeries. He has the exceptional expertise and dexterity in handling complex breast cancer surgeries with high precision. His goal is to remove the cancerous part of your breast as much as possible to relieve you of the pain and discomfort from the disease. He ensures that you are in his safe hands and aims to aid your speedy recovery in comfort so you can get back to your routine safely in his care.  

How much does it cost for breast cancer surgery in Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai?

We at Fortis Hospital Mulund understand that women are at their most vulnerable stage of life, and deserve the best of treatment and care. It is our earnest endeavour to make excellent treatment solutions available to all women without the burden of additional costs. This is why a breast cancer surgery is priced at a nominal cost starting at Rs 1, 26,000. 

How urgent is breast cancer surgery? Should you wait for a second opinion?

Having breast cancer does not mean you should immediately have surgery. Our skilled oncologists at Fortis Hospital Mulund suggest waiting for a few weeks, unless the tumour is weighing down another organ or has spread to other parts of your body. This gives you time to learn more about your diagnosis and condition. And when you have the most capable and skilled oncologists at Fortis Hospital Mulund guiding you towards the right decision, a second opinion is just not required.

Can someone have breast cancer and not know? What are the signs and symptoms we shouldn't ignore and reach the best breast cancer hospital?

Since all cancers manifest differently in different people, it’s the same with breast cancer too. So, you might not know you have breast cancer because there may not be any noticeable symptoms. The most common signs and symptoms of breast cancer are:

  • A lump or lumps in the breast or underarm area
  • Breast pain
  • Swelling of the entire breast or part of it
  • Skin irritation or dimpling of the breast
  • Nipple pain or inverted nipple (turning inwards)
  • Nipple discharge (not breast milk)
  • Thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • Redness and scaliness of the nipple or breast skin

Why Fortis Hospital, Mumbai is the best cancer hospital in India?

At Fortis Hospital Mulund, our cancer care department adopts the best policies in cancer detection and treatment. We have an oncology team of the highest caliber to prescribe the most effective treatment methodology in an environment of comfort. They brainstorm on individual cancer cases to discern and determine efficacious modes of treatment that include chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, stem cell transplants and surgery. Their diagnostic and surgical prowess is ably complemented by the state of the art labs and operation theaters that make Fortis Hospital Mulund a leader in cancer care.

What is the treatment available for Breast Cancer at Fortis Mumbai?

Fortis Hospital Mulund is a frontrunner in the treatment of breast cancer in Mumbai. Breast cancer treatment offered at Fortis Hospital Mulund encompasses the entire range of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy and surgery. Among the surgical options, lumpectomy or removal of the tumour in the breast and mastectomy, partial and total, to remove part of, or, the entire cancerous breast is the most effective.

Reasons why Fortis Mumbai is the best technically advanced breast cancer hospital for complex cases?

For quick and precise breast cancer detection, Fortis Hospital Mulund is equipped with the highly advanced medical technology. Right from having high precision MRI, CT scans and ultrasound imaging equipment to the 3D Mammography machines, Fortis Hospital Mulund is a leader in breast cancer screening infrastructure. Radiation therapy requires extremely efficient and modern technology to administer high beams of energy to shrink the cancer cells in the breast. In this too, Fortis Hospital Mulund has the most sophisticated 3-D Conformal Radiation technology. This enables our trained radiation oncologist to direct higher levels of radiation precisely onto the cancerous tumour in the breast without affecting the surrounding organs or tissues. 

What is the average cost of breast cancer treatment at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai?

Breast cancer treatment involves diagnosing and investigations, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and sometimes, surgery. At Fortis Hospital Mulund, it is our aim to make breast cancer treatment affordable to all women. This is why breast cancer treatment is priced at an average cost of Rs 5 lakhs, which includes the entire cycle of treatment including surgery. 

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