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Why Fortis Kalyan is the best hospital for cardiology care/treatment in Thane region, Mumbai?

Fortis Kalyan is the leading hospital in Kalyan Thane region in terms of infrastructure, treatments offered, and a highly specialized team of leading interventional cardiologists in Thane with over 2 decades of experience. 

What are the treatment methods available at Fortis Hospital Kalyan, Thane region, Mumbai for cardiac/heart conditions?

Fortis Kalyan offers a wide spectrum of treatments and surgeries including coronary artery bypass grafting, coronary angioplasty, angiography, stenting, permanent pacemakers, keyhole bypass surgery, and valvuloplasty. 

How is the presence of heart disease diagnosed & treated at Fortis Hospital Kalyan, Thane region, Mumbai?

A number of tests are utilized to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. The most important factor is family and personal history, lifestyle, relevant signs and symptoms that you have been experiencing and if necessary, blood tests and an echocardiogram (ECG) to test the electrical activity of the heart. Based on the results of the tests your cardiologist will propose a detailed treatment plan.

What does Fortis Hospital Kalyan, Mumbai offer to be the best cardiology hospital in Kalyan, Thane region, Mumbai?

Fortis Kalyan has a panel of some of the most experienced cardiologists in the city with over 20 years of experience in this field. The cardiology department at Fortis Kalyan is adept at providing a variety of services including non-invasive and interventional procedures.

What is the difference between open heart surgery & bypass Surgery?

Open heart surgery is a complex procedure in which the chest is cut wide open to operate on the valves and arteries of the heart. Bypass surgery is typically an open-heart surgery that is done to improve the blood flow to the heart. Your surgeon will decide the course of treatment as per your existing condition.

What is heart bypass surgery & when do you need it?

Narrowing or blockage of arteries is a major risk for a heart attack. In cases when medications or other treatments are not enough to improve this condition, your doctor may recommend you to undergo bypass surgery to improve the flow of blood to your heart and restore normal function.

What are the warning signs/symptoms/conditions of having heart diseases?

There are some cardinal signs which point towards the presence of heart diseases in individuals. Shortness of breath during exertion or when lying down, fatigue and weakness, irregular heartbeat, swelling around the ankles or in the feet. Although some warning signs of heart diseases may not be so obvious it is always better to get yourself regularly evaluated to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Regular screening tests are a must for individuals after the age of 20 years.

How cardiac care must be taken before and after cardiac treatment from Fortis Hospital Kalyan, Thane Region, Mumbai?

Prior to any surgery, a stream of tests such as blood tests and x-rays are performed to provide essential information of your current health. Cardiac rehabilitation will start after your surgery and will include therapy, medication, monitored exercises, and activity guidelines as suggested by the surgeon.

Who are the best cardiologists & heart specialists for the treatment of heart disease at Fortis Hospital Kalyan, Thane, Mumbai?

Our team of highly trained cardiologists includes Dr. Zakia Khan and Dr. Vivek Mahajan who have a collective experience of over 30 years of experience in this field. Dr. Zakia Khan is the first practicing interventional cardiologist in Thane with over 30 years of experience in critical care. She has a keen interest in pediatric cardiology and has over 25 national and international publications in her name in the field of cardiology. Dr. Vivek Mahajan is a renowned cardiologist in Thane region and has been one of the most successful cardiologists for the last 7 years. 

How soon will I take to recover after heart surgery?

A gradual recovery is noticeable after 6 weeks of surgery. Following your doctors’ instructions is essential along with a balanced diet and regime is key to a good recovery. Daily activities and exercises should be resumed only after your doctor has approved of it.