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COVID-19 Is Not Over Yet: Why It Is Important To Be Cautious During Festivities

The upcoming months have a host of festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Onam, Diwali and others. These festive occasions are special times when members of families come together not just to celebrate the occasion but also to connect with their family and close friends. While we understand the importance of celebrating festivals, it is equally vital to maintain certain precautions so that the COVID-19 virus remains under control, with minimum transmission rates.


To ensure this, individuals should restrict these festivals to their homes and avoid going to crowded places. Further, if people visit crowded places, they should always wear masks and sanitize their hands as far as possible. Following these small measures, especially at a personal level, can go a long way to preventing the virus and its variants from infecting many people.


Another important measure that everyone should implement during this festive period is to ensure that everyone in their family should get vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccination has proven to be effective in preventing fatality rates related to coronavirus, and everyone must take booster shots. Once a person becomes vaccinated, their body is much better prepared to shield off more viruses by making their immune system stronger. At the same time, when a person is vaccinated, they also play a vital role in protecting those around them.


Our healthcare machinery, doctors, nurses, and civic authorities are adept at dealing with any COVID crisis but taking simple preventive measures like the ones mentioned above will go a long way to ensuring reduced cases of COVID-19. By following social etiquette, we can do our part as we continue celebrating these much-awaited festivals while keeping our loved ones safe. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you participate in these festivities:


It is best to avoid physical contact as far as possible, and a graceful Namaste is a safe greeting gesture, especially keeping the current scenario in mind.

  • Stay away from large crowds and maintain social distancing as far as possible. Even though masking is not compulsory, everyone should wear a mask, especially when they step outside their homes. Your mask must cover the nose, mouth, and chin of the person.
  • Maintain social distancing as far as possible as it will reduce the risk of infection. If you are coming from outside, make sure you sanitize your hands.
  • If you are suffering from a cough, always cover your mouth and elbow while coughing.
  • Do not unnecessarily touch your face and nose, especially with unwashed or unsensitized hands.
  • If you plan to have a party at home, ensure you serve finger foods that require minimum sharing of plates, cutlery, or cups. It is also recommended that get-togethers be held outdoors as the indoor setting might have limited ventilation, increasing the risk of infection.
  • Try to eat healthy food and avoid fizzy drinks, so your immunity is not affected.
  • Please keep the number of guests to a minimum or opt for an e-darshan to ensure that your family/friends can enjoy the festivities from the confines of their homes.
  • Once you come home from celebrating a festival, leave your footwear outside your home and take a shower immediately.
  • If you notice symptoms of COVID-19, make sure you isolate yourself immediately and seek the advice of a doctor for a treatment prognosis.




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