Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The Fortis Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) is a family centered unit with specially trained healthcare professionals who work as a team to provide the best care & support for your family.
Comprehensive neonatal clinical services include advanced pharmacologic and nutritional support in collaboration with neonatal pharmacologists and dieticians. Subspecialists from all the pediatric disciplines are available for consultation for any number of medical needs 24 hours a day. No matter the circumstance, we are here to assist you and your family during your time of need.

The NICU Team

Neonatologist  are paediatrician who specialise in  caring for the new born infants. An attending neonatologist is available at the hospital 24 hours a day & is  responsible for patient care in the NICU.
Neonatologist Registrars are pediatricians who are in advanced training to become Neonatologists
NICU Nurse Your infant will have a primary  care team of  nurses who will coordinate his/her care from admission through discharge. Your baby’s nurse will work with you as you  learn to care for your baby and prepare to take him/her home.
NICU patient care assistant  is specially trained  to assist nurses in the NICU. They assist the NICU nurses in providing  your baby with care such as feeding, taking vital signs & bathing.

NICU Dietitian

The dietitian works closely with the NICU care team  to ensure your baby’s optimal nutrition and growth.

NICU Pharmacist

The pharmacist works closely with  the NICU care team  to ensure  the effectiveness and safety of medications. They  also oversee the preparation of all  intravenous nutrition preparations and medications, which your baby may require during his/her stay

NICU Patient Care Unit

The unit coordinators at the reception are a central resource for parents and NICU staff, the unit coordinators ensure the smooth flow of  unit activities and coordinate admission, discharge & transfers.


Breast milk is an ideal food infants especially if they are born prematurely. We have lactation consultants available to assist you with breastfeeding


The NICU staff will work with you to provide the most comfortable environment for your baby. Making your baby feel relaxed  in a quiet and soothing setting will help your baby grow and develop. Our nurse will work with you on positioning your baby ans teaching you about appropriate stimulation.


  • We take your baby’s safety seriously and the following measures have been established to optimize security
  • Secure Entrance – Family members & visitors must identify themselves vis the intercom outside the NICU for entry
  • Wristbands: issued only  in labour & delivery, it should be worn by parents for identification purposes
  • Sign in all family members & visitors  must sign in and out  in the visitors log book at the unit co-ordinators desk.
  • Departure must be through the main entrance  past the unit coordinator’s desk.