Lifestyle Approaches To Prevent Cancer

September 11, 2017

A lot of people think that cancer is a disease that no has any control.on . It can happen to anyone and at any time with no reason. But in reality that is not true because 60 to 70% cancers are lifestyle related and hence theoretically a lot of them are preventable.

Let’s see some common things we observe in society :

Smoking And tobacco abuse: 

This is the big daddy of them all. Tobacco is responsible for nearly 80% of oral and respiratory tract cancers . It is also directly or indirectly responsible for cancers of the stomach pancreas kidney and even uronary bladder .  female breast cancer is also very common in women who smoke . Second hand smoke or passive smoking is equally responsible for many cancers in companions of people smoke .

 Alcohol abuse

Alcohol nowadays is socially more  acceptable . However people forget the inherent dangers . Alcohol is a potent carcinogen and can cause many cancers ranging from oral cancer to liver cancer . No amount of alcohol is safe contrary to media reports as far as cancer is concerned.

 Saturated fats

Few people know that food rich in saturated fats like oily food cheese is also indirectly linked to cancer . It causes obesity and nowadays obesity is one of the causes of breast cancer colon cancer and endometrial (uterine)cancer

Lack of physical activity

Indians love talking but not walking !  Lack of physical activity results in a lot of disease, cancer among them .

Too much red meat 

Red meat in excess is linked to colonic cancer.

Cultural practices 

There are some cultural practices like drinking hot tea . In india there is also an entity called saree cancer it is linked to the tight cord around the waist which leaves a permanent mark and sometimes causes a wound.  Also there is a cancer called as ‘kangree’ cancer which is a type of skin cancer caused by the hot clay lot that some Kashmiri s use to keep themselves warm .

These are a few daily habits that we can avoid to keep away from cancer .

Accredited to : Dr. Anil Heroor

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