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Whole Body Health Checkup Package For Women

 Hiranandani Hospital – A Fortis Network, Vashi

General Health Packages

Price: 7500

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Tests Includes

  • Pathology Tests
    • CBC
    • ESR
    • Blood Group
  • Test For Diabetes
    • Blood Sugar Fasting
    • Blood Sugar Post Parandial
  • Test For Heart Risk
    • Total Cholesterol
    • HDL Cholesterol
    • LDL Cholesterol
    • VLDL Cholesterol
    • HDL/LDL Cholesterol
    • HDL/Cholesterol Ratio
    • Triglycerides
  • Liver Function Tests
    • Total Protein (Globulin, A/G Ratio)
    • SGOT
    • SGPT
    • LDH
    • Albumin
    • Bilirubin
    • Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Kidney Profile
    • Serum Creatinine
    • Serum Uric Acid
    • Serum Electrolytes
    • Serum Calcium
    • BUN
    • Bun/Creatinine Ratio
  • Urine
    • Routine
    • Microscopy
  • Stool
    • Routine
    • Microscopy
  • Diagnostic Tests
    • X-Ray Chest PA
    • ECG
    • TMT
    • PFT
    • PAP's Smear (F)
    • Sonography Whole Abdomen
    • Thyroid Profile (T3, T4, TSH)
    • Mammography (F)
  • Consultation
    • Physician
    • Gynaecology
    • Diet Counselling
    • Opthamology (EYE)


  • Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours, prior to the check-up.
  • Lack of sleep may cause abnormal results such as blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature. The doctor may not be able to assess if any change is a real abnormality.
  • Please do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to appointment as drugs and alcohol may affect some tests. Please inform the doctor or nurse before the test.
  • If you are taking medicine for hypertension, you can continue taking as per doctor’s prescription.
  • If you have a chronic illness or other health problems, please bring any test results or medical reports with you to assist in diagnosis. Should wear clothing allowing access to the upper arm.
  • For females, avoid 7 days before or after the menstrual period. If you are menstruating, you should not have urine analysis because there will be blood contamination which affects the interpretation of the result.
  • Breast cancer screening by Digital mammograms should avoid having the test during the menstrual period as the breast is tense at that time. The patient should have the mammogram after the period.
  • If pregnant, please inform the staff to cancel the x-ray.

Important Instruction

- The patients should report to the hospital health check-up reception before 8:00 AM.

-All health screening other than General Health requires 10 - 12 hours fasting. They can have water, but not hot or cold beverages.

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