Dr. Talha Abdul Meeran

Dr. Talha Abdul Meeran

 Dr. Talha Meeran is one of the very few American Board-Certified Advanced Heart Failure Cardiologist in the country. He has trained at elite institutes such as the Johns Hopkins
and the Allegheny General Hospital, USA.

After completing his Cardiology fellowship in USA, Dr. Meeran spent one additional year of clinical fellowship in the field of Cardiac Transplants, Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD/ “Heart Pumps”) and Pulmonary Hypertension.

He has been successfully treating numerous patients with conditions such as Advanced Heart Failure, Heart Transplants, LVADs and Pulmonary Hypertension and would like to enhance the standard of care of such patients in our city and country.


  • Advanced Heart Failure, Cardiomyopathy: medical optimization of
    patients with cardiomyopathy (weak heart muscle) and advanced heart
  •  Cardiac Transplant: Working up and carefully selecting patients for cardiac transplants. Performing heart biopsies, immuno suppression management and general post-transplant cardiac care.
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support/VADs: Managing patients requiring temporary or permanent heart pumps or VADs (Ventricular Assist Devices)
  •  Pulmonary Hypertension: Medical management of Pulmonary Hypertension (high pressures in the lungs), a special disease state which needs carefully tailored and individualized medical care. Performing right heart catheterization with additional diagnostic maneuvers for arriving at the accurate diagnosis.


  • Appointed Chief Cardiology Fellow at Allegheny General Hospital, 2016-17
  • Best poster award for Fellow-in Training at the American College of Cardiology Meeting in 2016
  • Awarded “Profile of Excellence” at the Maryland American College of Physicians Meeting in 2014
  • Authored various publications and book chapters in peer reviewed International Journals


  • MD Medicine (3 years) at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
  • Cardiology Fellowship (3years) and Heart Failure Fellowship (1year) at the Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, USA



departments: Cardiology
positions: Consultant Cardiology
location: Fortis Mulund