Dr. Subhaprakash Sanyal

Dr. Subhaprakash Sanyal
Dr. Subhaprakash Sanyal is a Consultant Hematologist and Hemato-Oncologist at the Fortis Hospital Mulund.
He is actively involved in management of Liver and Kidney Transplant at Fortis Hospital particularly in pre surgical work up and post transplant bleeding and coagulation issues.
He has 6 years of experience in diagnoses and treatment of patients with hematological diseases including hematological malignancies particularly acute leukemias, chronic leukemias, myeloma and lymphomas; administration of chemotherapy and management of complications of high intensity chemotherapy; Management of Hemoglobinopathies like Thallassemia and Sickel cell anemia including Their Prenatal diagnoses and genetic counciling; Diagnoses and management of Bone Marrow Failure syndromes.
departments: Hematology and Hemato-Oncology
positions: Consultant BMT & Hematologist
location: Fortis Hiranandani Vashi, Fortis Kalyan, Fortis Mulund