Dr. Anvay Mulay

Dr. Anvay Mulay

A renowned cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon, Dr. Anvay Mulay is Head of the department of Cardiac Surgery and Heart Transplant program at Fortis Hospital Mumbai.

Dr. Anvay Mulay has worked in US and UK before settling in India. Dr. Anvay Mulay has done pioneering work in adult Cardiac Surgery, especially in the field of Coronary Bypass Artery Graft Surgery (CABG). He has the largest series of beating heart coronary bypass surgeries done. He has over 20 years of experience and more than 4000 successful beating heart bypass surgeries to his credit.


He spearheaded many new techniques in cardiac surgery, from complex surgeries such as ‘beating-heart bypass’ and ‘valve replacement’(first of its kind in Pune), use of mammary artery as an alternative to radial artery for grafts, to the patient-friendly minimally invasive surgeries, that aided faster recovery. He pioneered implantation of Left Ventricle Assist Device(LVAD) for Western and Central India, in a lifesaving surgery on a 49 yr old patient.


In 2015, Dr Mulay created medical history by performing a lifesaving heart transplant in the state, 47yrs from the first attempt. With success of the first transplant, Dr Mulay ushered in a new era in clinical

medicine, offering hope to patients and their families. In just over 2yrs, over 60 heart transplants have

been conducted in Mumbai, of which, 50 have been conducted by Dr Mulay, on recipients as young as

7yrs to 62yrs of age. This clinical milestone, catalyzed mindset change amongst the medical and nonmedical community, sensitizing them to curb organ wastage.

departments: Cardiology
positions: Consultant Cardio-Thoracic & Heart Transplant Surgeon
location: Fortis Kalyan, Fortis Mulund, S L Raheja Mahim