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Things to Look Before Choosing the Best Cardiac Hospital for Your Heart

Cardiac Hospital Fortis kalyan

You know where to find the perfect restaurant or the perfect store in the mall for that important occasion, and you never venture out without reading reviews and feedbacks. Can you solely rely on online reviews when it comes to choosing the perfect hospital for cardiac care for you and your loved ones?
Which is the best hospital for me? This is one of the most challenging questions that most of us face when it comes to the health of our near and dear ones. Choosing the correct hospital or the appropriate doctor usually depends on the feedback and advice that we receive from our relatives and friends, and in this age and technology, online reviews and patient experiences play a vital role. The key deciding factors are the reputation of the hospital in the community and your physician’s recommendation.

A hospital that is a great combination of patient-centred care and advanced technology with the best surgical hands is the ideal choice. Fortis Hospital Kalyan is one of the most sought-after and the leading tertiary care hospitals in the Thane Kalyan region. This state-of-the-art facility is in one of the most convenient and accessible locations spread over 31,000 ft.². Fortis Kalyan has some of the most highly qualified and experienced medical professionals and the latest technology in the medical field to provide comprehensive and patient-centric healthcare facilities. Our hospital is also the first-ever in the Thane district to receive the NABH accreditation in the year 2013 and has been maintaining and following protocols and standards ever since.

The Department of Cardiology at Fortis Kalyan has a dedicated team of doctors and the required infrastructure making it one of the premier destinations for quality cardiac health care. Our experience-based approach in cardiac care puts us at par with international standards and protocols. 

What are some of the deciding factors while choosing a cardiac hospital?

1. Clinical and surgical expertise
Our team of doctors in the cardiology department at Fortis Kalyan has extensive experience in invasive and non-invasive cardiac procedures. Apart from this, Fortis Kalyan is also equipped with a 24 x 7 emergency department which deals with round-the-clock injuries and accidents. With decades of experience and scientific publications published in national and international journals in the field of cardiology, our doctors are some of the leading cardiologists in the city. When you think of Fortis, think of excellence and quality healthcare.

2. Hospital infrastructure and facilities
Along with the exceptional surgical expertise of our Cardiology team at Fortis Kalyan, the post-operative care by our experienced team ensures a speedy and healthy recovery for all our patients based on individual patients’ needs and preferences. A state-of-the-art operation theatre (OT) and a well-equipped cardiac ICU are paramount to handling complex cases.

3.The hospital’s reputation in the community 
 Fortis Kalyan is one of the leading tertiary care hospitals in the Thane Kalyan region. Our hospital provides excellent diagnostic and surgical expertise all under one roof. Our highly experienced team of medical professionals ensures that the patient's journey at Fortis is successful and the road to recovery is smooth and monitored. Our hospital caters to the medical needs of the community and the neighbourhood. Fortis has four leading branches all over Mumbai and over 50 hospitals in India, making it the most sought-after and leading hospital in the country.

4. Patient satisfaction and ratings
Post-operative experience and genuine patient reviews are paramount in choosing a hospital for your family. Fortis Kalyan has a strong online and offline community presence and has received hundreds of excellent reviews and positive ratings from patients. 

5.    Evaluating communication style 
Patients are usually more comfortable when the doctors and the medical team discuss the course of treatment and all the other essential details with them before and after surgery. Doctors at Fortis Kalyan ensure that the patient is equally involved in his medical journey, and guide them through every procedure step-by-step with compassion and understanding. Always make sure that the communication with your cardiologist is transparent so that all your cardiac needs can be addressed.

Choosing the best hospital for your cardiac needs is a personal and extremely important decision that is made with the inputs of your physician and family members. A great doctor-patient relationship goes a long way in improving the condition of your health and your general well-being. Take your time and put in the effort so that you can offer yourself and your family the best possible cardiac care.