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Preventive Health Check-up: Take charge of your health

Preventive Health Check-up

Health check-ups, a subject that was very often taken for granted has now become one of the most commonly discussed topics in every household. The pandemic that has affected us in recent times has made everyone aware of the need and the crucial importance of looking after one’s health regularly. Seeking medical advice on a healthy lifestyle has become a priority across all age groups. The time has now come to implement the age-old adage, prevention is better than cure. Our panel of expert physicians at Fortis Hospital Kalyan always recommend consulting a doctor as soon as the first signs of illness are visible or experienced. Being proactive is now the need of the hour, and the ideal approach to this is with regular medical check-ups.

Why is it so essential to maintain a regular record for timely medical check-ups? 

A comprehensive medical check-up enables your physician to understand and chart a customized treatment plan for an existing medical condition or even alerting the patient for any potential problem in the future. Time is of the essence in certain medical disorders and the sooner the treatment begins the more effective it is and there is a lesser chance of developing any possible complications. Through a medical check-up, your physician can understand the working of your body and your metabolism and also advise you on any lifestyle changes that can improve your well-being, thus enhancing the quality of life. An understanding of getting the right check-up is paramount especially as age advances. Different stages of life demand different types of medical evaluations to keep a check on the health status and also take any pre-emptive action that could be needed. Nowadays, several health check-up packages are available at almost all medical facilities and should be utilized to understand one’s health and take all necessary precautions.

There are umpteen direct benefits of regular medical check-ups, the most important being reducing the risk of sickness. Serious illnesses can be detected at an early stage and the appropriate medical treatment can be availed, the risk of developing complications is also greatly reduced. The patient is made aware of his current health status and can be guided into a healthier lifestyle. Diagnosing medical conditions at an early stage offers a larger number of treatment options and can also give the patient a better chance at survival and a higher quality of life. 

While there is no handbook for navigating through the challenges of living a healthy lifestyle, a healthy immune system is a key to overall well-being. Several components of health can be maintained with a strong immune system. Certain habits that promote and support a healthy immune system are not smoking, eating a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise according to one’s body and age, getting sufficient and quality sleep, and cutting down on stress and anxiety levels. Even if you feel exceptionally healthy, your primary care doctor needs to evaluate you on a regular basis and make necessary changes whenever needed.

Individuals across all age groups especially the geriatric population must get an annual check-up. People suffering from existing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, or arthritis must get into the habit of scheduling regular appointments to efficiently manage any nagging or new symptoms that have appeared since the last check-up. 

A generation ago, doctors were only visited when people were sick or dying, but today preventive healthcare is the growing trend especially among the working population as people have become more educated and aware about their health. Staying on top of your health has not only become a priority but also a pre-emptive measure against fatal medical conditions. 

Becoming medically aware and proactive about one’s health also demands health insurance to avoid the derailing of finances. It not only acts as a financial backup during medical emergencies but also ensures quality medical care for your near and dear ones. Some insurance companies also offer complimentary medical check-ups which act as a timely reminder that can go a long way in preventing serious medical conditions and difficult financial situations.

Maintaining a healthy and disease-free lifestyle can be challenging not only physically and mentally but financially as well. Increased energy levels, better mental focus, and improved wellness are some of the benefits of taking better care of our bodies. It is rightly said, self-care is not self-indulgence but self-preservation.