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Kidney Kharab Hone Ke Lakshan

Kidney Kharab Hone Ke Lakshan

Kidney Fail Hone Ke Lakshan


In this video, Dr. Haresh Dodeja who is a nephrologist in charge of kidney dialysis and kidney transplant at the Fortis Hospital, Mulund gives information about kidney diseases and symptoms of kidney failure (Kidney Kharab Hone Ke Lakshan).


Kidney Kharab Hone Ke Lakshan (kidney ख़राब होने के लक्षण)

  • त्वचा में खुजली |
  • मांसपेशियों में ऐंठन |
  • पेट में दर्द महसूस होना |
  • सामान्य से अधिक भूख नहीं लगना |
  • पैरों और टखनों में सूजन |
  • सामान्य से अधिक या कम पेशाब होना |
  • झागदार दिखने वाली पेशाब |
  • सांस लेने में कठिनाई |
  • थकान |


The basic function of the kidney is to cleanse the blood of toxins and transform the waste into urine. That is why the kidney is also known as the filtering organ of the body. But there are also many other synthesizing functions which our kidney performs such as producing the erythropoietin hormone which produces red blood cells, synthesize the final product of vitamin D which assists in calcium-phosphorus metabolism, and strengthening the bone density, maintaining the balance of salts and water which control the blood pressure of the body.


There are many symptoms that can lead to kidney failure(Kidni kharab ke lakshan). Sometimes the kidney only passes water but fails to filter other salts and filth, which makes urine pass normally but can lead to kidney failure. When the kidney cannot pass water then this water is stored in any part of the body and leads to swelling on the face and foot and water can also be stored in the stomach cavity. As we know that the kidney produces erythropoietin which makes the blood in the body but when the kidney cannot synthesize the hormone this leads to a lack of blood in the body.


Therefore, lack of blood is also a sign of kidney failure. High blood pressure is also a sign of kidney failure because the kidney helps to control the blood pressure of the body but in the case of kidney failure, the kidney is unable to control the blood pressure and this leads to high blood pressure. Loss of appetite is also a sign of kidney failure.  


Key Moments

0.00 - Introduction

0.22 - Kidney Functions & Uses

1.29 - Kidney Kharab Hone Ke Lakshan