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Avoid these 5 bad habits to prevent back pain.

Learn How To Reduce Back Pain | Back pain treatment at Fortis hospital in Mumbai | Mistakes to avoid back pain

Keep your back pain at bay by avoiding these 5 bad habits

Nothing is worse than back pain especially if you have a grueling work schedule. A bit of stretching and exercising along with some pain relievers usually helps alleviate back pain, but in some cases, this aggravates and becomes worse over time. While acute pain can be caused due to a muscle pull or an injury, chronic pain that lasts for more than three months requires a medical diagnosis. Isolating the cause of the pain is vital because it could be linked to a nerve that is damaged or injured and the treatment is different when treating muscular pain. The earlier back pain is addressed and treated, the lesser chance it has to radiate to the surrounding tissues and structures.


The orthopedic specialists at Fortis Hospital Kalyan recommend always seeking professional help to treat back problems rather than diagnosing them at home and experimenting with some over-the-counter medication. Certain spine conditions can take as long as 12 months to improve due to the necessity of a lifestyle change and the way the body responds. Our doctors also recommend taking it easy after the onset of a back problem, even though it is tempting to get back to your daily routine on pain-free days, the exertion caused can create a much deeper-rooted pain.


Popping some painkillers every few hours can control unbearable pain but in certain cases cause extreme side effects. A couple of extra painkiller tablets for a longer duration could potentially cause fatal liver damage. It is always recommended to take physician-recommended medication doses when necessary.


Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle has exposed us to a host of physical problems. Certain critical mistakes in our daily activities can lead to long-term back pain that can hamper our routine life.

Avoid these 5 bad habits to prevent back pain.

1. Sleeping in the wrong position

Sleeping is meant to rejuvenate the mind and body, but factors that dictate how you lay to where you lay can cause some serious damage to your spine. A good and healthy sleep posture is imperative to maintain good spinal health. The orthopaedists at Fortis Kalyan recommend that sleeping on your back or side is the best position for your spine. Sleeping on the stomach is extremely detrimental for the back since it flattens the natural anatomic curve of the spine and forces the neck to be turned. It is also recommended to change your mattress every 5 to 8 years which helps in reducing your back pain.

2. Wrong footwear

It is important to understand that our feet and spine are closely related. Since the feet carry the entire weight of the body, a wrong step could lead to wrong bodily movements. Surprisingly any shoe heel that is over an inch can cause problems in the posture and strain the back. It is a preconceived notion that wearing flats can solve back problems, but this does not provide any support to the body frame in reality. It could be of help to consult a specialist to understand your feet' requirements and structure appropriate footwear.

3. A sedentary lifestyle

A job that requires sitting in front of a screen all day long is one of the main culprits of chronic back pain. Sitting causes more stress on the back when compared to standing. A proper sitting posture whether in front of a television or any screen is important because it is easy to ignore our posture when we do something for leisure. Doctors recommend while sitting, the screen should be at eye level and not too high or too low to avoid tilting your head which reduces the risk of pain.

4. Incorrect workout

A healthy and regular exercise regime is an excellent way to combat back pain but it is also imperative to understand the exercises that suit your body. Exercises that improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles are good for the health of your back. Exercises that require your back to touch the ground must be done slowly and carefully to avoid aggravating back pain.



5. Deficient diet

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is essential to keep your back healthy and to keep away from diseases. Certain foods are inflammatory and can aggravate back pain. Foods such as red meat, sugar, caffeine, and pasta contribute to inflammation in the body. To combat inflammation certain foods such as beans, pulses, eggs, and chicken can be consumed. 


Lastly, ignoring an existing back pain in the hope of it alleviating on its own is the biggest mistake a person can make. A persistent back pain that lasts for over a week requires prompt medical attention.