Endocrinology Care

The study of hormones and its related treatments of hormone-based conditions is known as endocrinology. Chemicals from the endocrine glands create hormones which in turn is released in to the blood stream. In due course of time other organs are instigated by these hormones in the blood stream when they exercise their action. Thyroid, pancreas, parathyroid, adrenal, gonad and pituitary are the key endocrine glands in the body. The primary functions of these hormones from the endocrine glands include regulating growth, metabolism, blood pressure, reproduction, etc.If the endocrine system encounters problems, it may result into multiple disorders. These can be typically categorised into two groups:

  • If any of the endocrine glands start producing and increased or decreased levels of the endocrine hormone, it is referred to as a hormone imbalance. Many endocrine related disorders may be caused as a result of this imbalance.
  • If lesions such as nodules or tumours develop in the endocrine system, it may have an impact on the hormonal levels leading to endocrine disorders.

The majority of endocrine lumps, more popularly referred to as tumours or nodules are benign. Therefore, the chances of these abnormal cells penetrating other organs in the body are rare. Nonetheless, the gland’s hormone production may face disruptions due to these lump formations.

For many years, Fortis Hospital in Mumbai and its Department of Endocrinology has been a nationally recognised centre of academic and clinical excellence. Being a guiding force, the department has been critical in implementing innovative treatments and therapies for endocrine disorders. Having access to the most updated and modern laboratory tools and instruments, it has led to more accurate diagnostic capabilities and has helped Fortis, Mumbai to maintain quality standards of patient monitoring and treatment.

At Fortis Hopsital, Mumbai, we have dedicated services that helps in co-ordinating with allied medical departments. With state-of-the-art facilities, diagnostic screenings and the latest in technology, Fortis, Mumbai remains at the forefront of treating complicated endocrinal disorder cases. With some of the leading endocrinologists associated with Fortis, Mumbai, we deliver the best in terms of treatment and therapies in managing and curing endocrinal disorders. Our team of specialists evaluate critical relationships between human disease and nutrition that is absolutely essential to enhance and maintain the patient’s overall health.

We always aim to provide the highest quality patient care with a multi-disciplinary approach. We ensure that patients who choose to partner with Fortis, Mumbai have access to specialists in the field of endocrinology, expert nurses and trained support staff. During treatment, we constantly collaborate with allied medical disciplines such as ophthalmology, otolaryngology, radiation oncology, surgery, obstetrics, transplantation and other specialty areas, to facilitate the best possible treatment route for our patients.