Diabetes Care

Millions of cells that constitutes the human body uses it to break down the food through the process of metabolism. In order to generate energy, the cells in the body need the food in a very simple composition. When eating or drinking, the majority of the food that is broken down in to a simplified glucose or sugar form. The energy that your body needs to be able to do its daily activities comes from this glucose.

The blood stream and the blood vessels are the body’s motorway system that takes the glucose from the abdomen or the liver and transports it to the cells where it may be used by the muscles or possibly stored as fat. Since glucose cannot go into the cells in its current form, the pancreas comes into the picture and starts releasing the insulin in to the blood. This allows the sugar to get into the cells and then use the energy as required.

At the point that the sugar enters the cells from the blood stream, the glucose levels are lowered. Without the presence of insulin, it results in the rise of sugar levels in the body. If the sugar levels go beyond the normal range, the condition is known as hyperglycemia, which translates as high blood sugar, more popularly referred to as diabetes.

Diabetes can strike anyone, from any walk of life. Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a condition that does not allow your body to utilise this energy that you get from the food that you consume. The condition may affect the body if:

  • The production of insulin drastically decreases or stops by the pancreas which is an organ located behind the abdomen.
  • The insulin produced by the pancreas does not function in the way that it should which leads to a condition known as insulin resistance.

The insulin is actually a naturally developing hormone generated by the beta cells of the pancreas. The insulin produced, assists the human body to use the glucose present in the blood stream to generate energy.

Latest statistics say that the number of diabetics is dramatically on their way up. So much so that in the last ten years, people living with diabetes has increased by more than 50% which basically means that almost 422 million people are now affected by this disease globally.

Living with a condition like this requires mental preparation and restraint. It takes an emotional, physical and financial toll on the patient and their families. Diabetes is also a leading cause for other health related complications which if not checked early on, can be an additional burden on the patient and their loved ones.

Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, is a leader is diabetes treatment and offers patient-centric, compassionate and all-inclusive care for patients with type 1, type 2, pregnancy–related (gestational), and other diabetes-related disorders. For those who choose us as their healthcare partner, we have a talented and experienced, multi-disciplinary team of experts such as diabetologists, endocrinologists, dieticians, nutritionists and nurse practitioners who will collaborate to work on creating a personalised treatment plan for you. With the help of cutting-edge therapies and the latest innovative research, we will work with specialists from allied medical disciplines such as neurology, ophthalmology, podiatry, vascular surgery, nephrology, cardiology, internal medicine, urology, surgery and any other specialties that Fortis, Mumbai is able to offer. Your diabetes care team will also include your general physician to ensure that you receive the best possible care from all fronts.

Fortis Hospital, Mumbai provides its diabetes patients with counselling on how to manage the condition through dietary and lifestyle changes to keep the effects of the condition on the patient’s life to a minimum. Through continued research, Fortis, Mumbai, looks to develop enhanced therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities that will help us to improve on our patient services.