Dental Care At Fortis Hospital Mumbai

Oral diseases can have a massive impact on overall health which is why your teeth should be cared for and maintained. As a matter of fact, a bunch of chronic diseases such as kidney failures, dementia, cardiovascular complications, pulmonary infections, and even cancer can arise as a result of neglected oral hygiene. Maintaining poor oral hygiene along with erratic eating habits can wreck havoc to the teeth and gums which, in turn, gives rise to a host of oral issues including gingivitis, tooth decay, dental plaque, periodontitis, and even tooth loss!  

At Fortis, we believe by exercising adequate caution and by taking good care of your teeth, they’ll look after you. However, even if your teeth have been affected, it’s not too late to fix your dental issues. Thereon, our dental science department has built an enviable reputation for itself over the years by providing the best dental health services for patients through complete dental care and treatment. We offer a comprehensive range of dental health services, in a caring and comfortable environment, which are designed to help our patients achieve a lifelong smile and good dental health.